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In 1846, the 23-year-old Ulysse Nardin replica watch founded the Ulysse Nardin watch in Le Locke, the production of the Observatory clock and the complex bag form, and accumulated a wealth of valuable experience in making a large number of sailing observatory and Chronometer watches.

At that time, a navigator with a sextant vessel was driven by the Ulysse Nardin marine Chrono watches in addition to the sun and the horizontal line. Sailing in the ocean on the sea, the difference between the bitter, absurd miles. In the equator on only one second of the calculation error, enough to constitute a deviation of 463 meters.
Since 1876, Ulysse Nardin marine Chrono watches, produced by Ulysse Nardin, has been sent to Nashatel and the observatory in Geneva for long-term testing. Test results prove that Leroke's watchmaker, called the industry's most profound pioneer technology.

Ulysse Nardin replica watch Today, the navigational astronomical and sextant tactical functions, although replaced by artificial satellites, but Ulysse Nardin marine Chrono watches, still collectors for the high price for the collection of treasures. Athens sailing Observatory bell in the history of human significance, constant ancient unchanged, timeless.